Dogs of Door County

Screen shot 2013-04-07 at 3.05.35 PMThey flock to Door County to splash around in Green Bay, to hike in Peninsula State Park, and to stroll the streets of Fish Creek.

They are the Dogs of Door County.

From coast to coast, two million people visit this premier Midwest tourism destination every year, many bringing with them their charismatic canine companions.

Take Skipper, for example, a Golden Retriever from Escanaba, Mich., often seen parading the deck of his family’s boat in the Fish Creek Marina, wearing his “doggles.” Or look for Arthur, a mutt from Madison who loves slurping sundaes outside Wilson’s Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor.

Of course there are also the locals, known as “true Door County dogs.” Riley, a Belgian Tervuren, enjoys carrying large sticks on her daily three-and-a-half-mile walks through Ephraim. She has become a popular celebrity with tourists who remember and greet her year after year, much to the amazement of her owner.

Other famous Door County dogs include Max, a Samoyed regarded as the unofficial ambassador of the peninsula’s oldest church, and Emma, one of many pooches belonging to store owners.  Patrons of the Santa Fe Shop often pose for photographs with the beautiful Norwegian Elkhound.

In meeting the Dogs of Door County, readers will view beloved Door County landmarks and sites in a fresh light, while also encountering several new and alluring places to explore.

Dogs of Door County celebrates the unrivaled beauty of a special place and the cherished and endearing four-legged companions who inhabit it.

Dogs of Door County © 2013 Hilary Dickinson